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"We build and research the buildings of the future, with state-of-the-art technologies of today, for future generations, based on architectural practice and committed for the sharing of knowledge."

Paulinyi-Reith & Partners Zrt., one of the most prestigious group of engineering companies with important history in Hungary, is considered to be one of the market leaders. During the past three decades, the company went through several changes and continued progressing. Up to March of 2018, the company was operated under the name of Mérték Group Zrt. and it has been playing an active role in the quality and sustainable architecture for more than 30 years. Besides domestic orders, our business also covers orders of foreign markets and governments. We cooperate with Hungarian and foreign developers and investors in connection with a number of domestic and international projects.


According to the ethos of ethical design we create architecture which urges its users towards the right decisions and behaviour. Our aim is that all of our work should be true to this principle, and during its whole life cycle should benefit to all living creatures getting in contact with it, and thus our environment and our planet.

We find it important not only to follow international trends, but by our research and innovations also to become a pioneering company in the CEE region. We are proud of our creative community and of the fact that individual concepts are also expressed in our work.

We focus on training and self-education, and we stand for continuous reneval, ideas extending beyond routine solutions and for keeping our knowledge always up-to-date and novel. We aspire to the highest professional standard both in the field of form and function so that we create value for both our clients and the future generations.

During the creation of our buildings and their surroundings, we practice the vision of environmental consciousness in a complex way. Beyond the aim to minimize the negative impacts putting strain on humans and the environment, with the instruments of adaptive design we also aim to prepare our work to the growing challenges of today: the extreme weather and environmental disasters. We also integrate the principles of resilient design into our work, so that our buildings can regenerate the harmony of their surrounding ecosystem.

Our employees and collaborators

Erzsébet B. Terbe

Senior Architect

Enikő Babos

Finance Assistant

Miklós Balaskó


Tamás Baranya

Senior Associate

Julianna Bense-Füzy


Orsolya Bötkös-Fülöp

Senior Architect

Bálint Botzheim


Gergő Burián

Senior Architect, Director of Design

Júlia Csutorka

Senior Architect

Ursula Czetl-Gunst

Senior Architect

Tamás Czíria

Junior Architect

András Debreczeni

Senior Architect

Péter Debreczeni


Gábor Eisler

Structural Engineer

Gergely Fábián

Lead Communications Consultant

László Fábián

Founding Partner, Director of Technical Operations

Imre Haaz

Senior Architect

László Hóka


Csaba Kiss

Senior Architect

Márton Kiss

Senior Architect

Norbert Komáromi

Senior IT specialist

Enikő Köteles-Bíró

Director of Finance

Mónika Kürti-Mester

Head of Secretariat

Péter Lendvai

Senior Architect

Eszter Márton

Senior Architect

Béla Mészáros

Senior Architect

Márton Mészáros

Junior Architect

Judit Mikus

Head of Project Administration

Gergely Molnárka

Senior Architect

Emese Nagy

Junior Architect

Melinda Ongrádi

Communication and Public Relations Advisor

Dr. Gergely Paulinyi

Founding Partner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. András Reith

Founding Partner

Zalán Reviczky

Senior Architect

Titusz Rónai

Junior Architect

Hajnalka Ágnes Rosta

HR Manager

Péter Sebők

Senior Architect

Rajmund Sebők

Senior Architect

Ferenc Szőke

Senior Architect

Zsófia Szulágyi

Senior Architect

Tamás Tákos

Founding Partner, Director of Operations

István Vámossy

Founding Partner, Senior Architect

Gabriella Varga S.

Senior Architect

Orsolya Vass

Interior Designer

Social responsibility

Sustainable development has not only environmental, but also economic and social dimensions. In this spirit, we launched an initiative focusing on sustainability in 2013 which was named as “Golf Cup and Family Day for a Sustainable Future”. The event initiated by the group of companies attracts the visitors year after year. The main topic of the event was Smart City in 2017.

A number of companies and individuals joined to the program which pays special attention to the issues of innovation, environmental protection and social responsibility. In connection with the golf cup, an organization or initiative is supported as a charity initiative every year, whose activity is associated with one of the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental and economic). We sponsored for example KultúrAktív Association, the social development project called Lenkeproject, launched by MOME Ecolab, as well as the “I know your voice” Perinatal Music Programme launched by the Bókay Gyermekklinikáért Közhasznú Alapítvány (Charity Foundation for the Bokay Child Clinic).

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